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MSN Neurosurgery

Neurosurgical Voices

We have recently completed the delivery of training in association with the Managed Service Network for Neurosurgery in Scotland (MSN) at the four neurosurgical units: Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The two day programme was adapted from Neurological Voices training to suit the needs of the MSN and patients and relatives who have had experience of neurosurgical services. Participants were people who had previously undergone neurosurgery or relatives of those who had, for a range of conditions including brain injury, tumour, epilepsy, Chairi malformation and stroke . The training focused upon sharing experiences of living with a condition; of services and support; the remit of the MSN and the role of Neurosurgical Voices both nationally and locally. Groups also discussed effective communication skills, guidelines for involvement and began to identify shared areas of interest or concern that may be addressed going forward. Clinical staff from the local unit attended part of the first day to meet participants and give an overview of their role within the unit.

The training evaluated very positively and there are now groups of neurosurgical voices established in all four areas who will be supported by their local MSN contact. Some of the groups have already met since the training and many of the participants have had a tour of their local unit to better understand the entire neurosurgical patient journey; visiting wards, outpatients, theatres and scanning.

The MSN Neurosurgery has recently established local Hubs in the four areas which will comprise a lead consultant, MSN contact and multi disciplinary neuroscience staff. Neurosurgical Voices will be involved in the local Hubs to ensure the perspective of those using neurosurgical services are incorporated into planning and improvement. The MSN will produce a quarterly newsletter to share information regarding the work of the local hubs.

There will also be opportunities for national involvement with the MSN where Neurosurgical Voices may help with the design of projects, make sure reports are ‘patient-friendly’ and help decide priorities for improvement.

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Managed Service Network for Neurosurgery

The Alliance continues to have representation on the strategic board for the MSN Neurosurgery via Candice Dillen (Alliance National Coordinator), Tanith Muller (Parkinson's UK) and Andy Wynd (Scottish Spina Bifida Association). The MSN has recently disbanded its Operational Management Group, incorporating some of its members into a newly reconfigured Board. Short life working groups will be established to address specific conditions and issues.

The MSN recently published its Annual Report for 2013: Standards of Care in Adult Neurosurgical Units in Scotland. The report contains the results of a comprehensive audit of services in the four adult centres and a series of recommendations on potential improvements agreed jointly with service providers. The MSN is about to undertake the design of a national audit of paediatric neurosurgical services due to commence on 1st June 2014

Sir David Carter stepped down in September 2013 as Chairman of the Managed Service Network after four years of service. Scottish Government appointed an interim Chairman and the MSN Board agreed that an interim appointment provided an excellent opportunity to formalise the job description of the MSN Chairman.

Mr Calum Campbell (Chief Executive of NHS Borders, the paymaster for the MSN) has now taken up the Chairmanship of the MSN strategic board. He will also join a newly established executive with MSN Project Manager Diana Beard and MSN Clinical Lead Eric Ballentyne to deliver work to achieve the MSN business plan objectives.

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