COVID-19 Updates

Important information on coronavirus

Shielding advice was updated on the 14th May 2021 in line with the lowering of covid restrictions across Scotland. Click here to read the information.

Concerns about access to vaccination for people with neurological conditions

On the 12th February 2021, we wrote to the Cabinet Secretary on the back of some of our concerns that people with neurological conditions may have been wrongly refused vaccination.

The CMO issued a response on the 9th March to confirm that all patients under 65 years with a neurological condition who were initially refused a vaccine should now be vaccinated. Work is underway to identify anyone in this group who was not vaccinated, and to re-issue vaccine invites to them. You can read the CMO's letter here.

Covid vaccine update from the Association of British Neurologists

On 10th January 2021, the Association of British Neurologists published a paper on guidance on covid vaccinations for those with neurological conditions.

The paper states that all covid vaccines are safe and that none of the vaccines are live, therefore they cannot cause infection. In general, other than for severely allergic people, there is no good reason to be worried about vaccination.

Click here to read the report

Neurological Alliance of Scotland Mapping Survey

From November 2020 - March 2021, the NAoS conducted an informal mapping survey of neurological charities and organisations. We did this for two reasons. Firstly, to inform ourselves about the make up of our members and better understand what services they offer and in which health boards they are active. As this presented a good opportunity for data-gathering, we also asked respondents about self-management resources, digital innovations in neurology and navigation pathways. These three areas were researched on behalf of the Scottish Government.

The survey was presented at the Members' meeting in March and you can read it here.

For people with neurological conditions and carers

If you have a neurological condition or care for someone who does you may be concerned about how the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak will affect you. We are regularly updating our coronavirus information in response to new announcements and events. This information which was published by the Scottish Government in November 2020 for those with neurological conditions remains relevant.

Please see our general information on coronavirus for people with a neurological condition and carers. This includes links to sources of condition-specific information and information on handwashing for people whose condition makes this more difficult.

For neurological charities

If you are a charity supporting people with neurological conditions, the coronavirus outbreak will also affect you. We want to help to bring neurological charities together in Scotland at this time.

Please see our information summary for neurological charities.

The Association of British Neurologists has published - and is regularly revising - guidance on COVID-19 and neurological conditions. The most recent update was made in April 2021.

Read our report on the impact of lockdown on people with neurological conditions

Last year (2020) we published a report on the experiences of people with neurological conditions living through lockdown, based on feedback from our member charities.

Neurological Voices: Living through lockdown presents hard-hitting data and personal reflections from across the neurological community in Scotland, and calls for action on common issues:

Other information

This is an exciting time for the neurological community in Scotland. Scotland’s first five year plan for neurological conditions - Neurological Care and Support in Scotland: A Framework for Action 2020 - 2025 - was published in December 2019. There is a detailed implementation plan to follow in early 2020, and there are new standards for neurological care in Scotland.

Round 2 funding closed on 1st March 2021 and the initial list of successful projects is available here

Scottish Government and health and social care bodies

The Neurological Alliance of Scotland represents neurological charities on a range of groups and projects. Some of the most important projects that are happening at the moment are:

National Advisory Committee on Neurological Conditions (NACNC)

This is the Scottish Government’s advisory group on neurological policies. It includes NHS and social care professionals and managers, third sector professionals, people with neurological conditions and carers. The chair and vice chair represent the Alliance on the NACNC.

Visit the National Advisory Committee's webpage.

NHS HIS General Standards on Neurological Care and Support

These Standards were developed by NHS Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS). They are a guide for those from health, social care and the third sector who support people living with neurological conditions, to demonstrate that they are delivering high quality services.

The Standards were published in March 2019. Read the Standards.

Scottish Access Collaborative Neurology Specialty Group

This is part of a major collaborative project to sustainably improve NHS waiting times for non-emergency procedures in Scotland. Stephanie Fraser sits on this on behalf of the Alliance.

Read the Neurology Specialty group webpage.

Managed Service Network (MSN) on Neurosurgery

This body provides the strategic leadership and co-ordinates activities across the four adult and two child neurosurgery units in Scotland to form a single neurosurgery service for Scotland. Tanith Muller and Andy Wynd sit on the Neurosurgery MSNC on behalf of the Alliance.

Visit the MSN website.

Our members’ work

Members of the Neurological Alliance of Scotland are extremely active. Take a look at some of the reports, projects and other items of interest that they have produced recently. Please contact us if you want to share your organisation’s work here.