The National Care Service needs a blueprint, a schedule and a budget

By Tanith Muller Chair Neurological Alliance of Scotland

About 1 in 6 of us has a neurological condition that has a significant impact on our lives. And people with neurological conditions need an effective National Care Service.

As a rule, if your condition involves the brain or nervous system, things can be difficult. You might have physical and sensory impairments, communication issues or severe pain. Seizures, problems with thinking, mental ill health and fatigue are also common. Some neurological conditions are terminal, many progressive or lifelong. And for too many people, treatments are limited.

Back the 1 in 6

The Scotland report to the National Neurology Patient Experience Survey has now been published. We are grateful to the 834 people in Scotland who took part in the survey, sharing their experiences about living with a neurological condition.

Our findings show that:

  • Nearly half of adults and over half of children experienced delays accessing a routine neurology appointment
  • Five times more children were awaiting diagnosis than adults
  • Delays are contributing to a mental health crisis
  • 4 in 10 adults say their mental health needs are not being met 'at all'
  • Receiving a life changing diagnosis is scary, and yet a fifth of adults and a quarter of children said they received no explanation about their condition.

You can read the full report here.

Policy Work

Where there are policies or strategic plans that are pan-neurological, the Neurological Alliance of Scotland works with our membership through our Policy Group to create a response. As and when we submit a consultation response, we will put the information up on this page here.

In April 2023, we submitted a response regarding the mobility component of the Adult Disability Payment. You can read the NAoS submission here.

In August 2022 we wrote to the Minister for Women, Maree Todd MSP about the Women's Health Plan, which does not include neurology. We received a response in September 2022 from the Chief Medical Office.

In December 2021 we submitted a response to the Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults Scotland consultation, which you can read here.

In November 2021 we submitted a response to the National Care Service consultation which you can read here.

Our members’ work

Members of the Neurological Alliance of Scotland are extremely active. Take a look at some of the reports, projects and other items of interest that they have produced recently.

Please contact us if you want to share your organisation’s work here.

Neurological Care and Support Framework 2020-2025

This is an exciting time for the neurological community in Scotland. Scotland’s first five year plan for neurological conditions - Neurological Care and Support in Scotland: A Framework for Action 2020 - 2025 - was published in December 2019.