Parkinson's UK: Scotland Can't Wait Report (2024)

Parkinson's UK Scotland has launched a new major report highlighting the urgent need for more Parkinson's nurses in Scotland.

Their report, Scotland 'Can’t Wait', identifies three priority areas for action to improve the care and services that people with Parkinson’s and their partners, families and friends depend on in Scotland:

NeuroLifeNow September-October 2023 Insight Report

NeuroLifeNow, a research arm of NAoS' member the Brain and Spine Foundation, has released its September- October insights report. This report was drawn from a series of surveys that looked at the impact of NHS strikes, concerns going into winter, and the general impact of neurological conditions on a person's life.

Read a summary or the full report here:

Summary Insights
Full Report Insights

You can help to expand the number of respondents from Scotland by promoting this link to your communities: January - February 2024

UK Disability History Month: Reflections from our Members

UK Disability History Month is celebrated from the 16th of November to the 16th of December.

This year, we invited members to look back and share some reflections on the history of their organisation to recognise their fantastic work over the years. 

Multiple System Atrophy Trust 2nd MSA Needs Survey Publication

Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) is a rare progressive neurological condition that affects adult women and men. It is life limiting and causes problems with movement, balance, and autonomic functions of the body such as bladder and blood pressure control.

There are an estimated 240 people living with MSA in Scotland but as diagnosis is complex many will be as yet undiagnosed. Our MSA Nurse Specialist for Scotland is Katie Rigg and she can be contacted by emailing

The MSA Trust has recently conducted our second MSA Needs Survey looking at the needs and experiences of people affected by MSA.

To capture as many responses and experiences as possible we ran three questionnaires – for people living with MSA, for carers and for people who had previously cared for a loved one with MSA. A total of 520 people responded.

Our research and reports

1. NAoS Carer's Centre Mapping Project (2023) presents the findings of how our member charities work in with Carer's Centres across Scotland and which Carer's centres have information regarding neurological conditions and refer individuals and families towards individual charities.

As a result of our report, we are working to implement some short, medium and long term goals in order to strengthen relationships between charities and carer's centres across Scotland.