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One in six people in the UK live with a neurological condition. But long treatment delays are having a profound impact on people and causing a mental health crisis.

Our new report which is based on the experiences of over 800 people in Scotland, warns of the difficulties have been facing in accessing treatment and care, including mental health support. We are also very concerned to see that people are often not provided with meaningful information about their condition.

This has to change.

Read our report here.

Please back the 1 in 6 by signing this petition to improve neurological services.

About Us

An estimated one million people in Scotland live with a neurological condition that has a significant impact on their lives.

The Neurological Alliance of Scotland is an umbrella body of organisations that represent people with a neurological condition and those who support them. We work to improve the care and support that people receive.

In partnership with our members we inform policy, raise awareness and support improvements in services. We aim to make sure that the experiences of people with neurological conditions - and those around them - are recognised.

We do this by raising these issues directly with the Scottish Government, NHS bodies and other groups; and by contributing to publications and consultations, sharing information between members, and working with other bodies on common issues.

Together we can improve the lives of people living with neurological conditions in Scotland. Join us.

Our members elect an executive group of 12 members to oversee the governance of the Alliance.

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