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Scottish Neurosciences Council

The term 'neuroscience' is used to refer to a collective group of specialist disciplines of which neurology (medical) and neurosurgery (surgical) are the two main specialities. People who have disorders of the nervous system are usually treated by neurologists and neurosurgeons along with a range of other specialists.

As there are a wide range of individual conditions, people often need different type of care at different levels. Services must therefore be appropriate and links between the different levels of service must work well.

The Scottish Neurosciences Council (SNC) aims to promote Clinical Neuroscience within Scotland by fostering relationships between clinical specialties, providing advice on training, liaising with patient groups and representatives and facilitating the development of effective and efficient services. Membership of the council includes representatives of a wide range of groups, organisations and communities of practice in neurosciences with the Alliance having two representative places.

The SNC, in partnership with the Neurological Alliance held an event in 2010 in Edinburgh, 'Putting Our Heads Together'. The conference was held at the Assembly Rooms and focused upon strategies to improve the quality of care for Scottish patients. The day aims illustrated the strengths and weaknesses of the current service. Many Alliance members were present, both as delegates and as exhibitors. It is envisaged that the Alliance and the SNC will work hold a similar event in 2014.



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