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Clinical Standards for Neurological Health Services

Healthcare Improvement Scotland (formerly NHS Quality Improvement Scotland) launched the Clinical Standards for Neurological Health Services at an event in January 2010 along with their plan for implementation.

The implementation of the clinical standards began in 2010 with the Neurological Services Implementation and Improvement Support Programme at Healthcare Improvement Scotland undertaking a two year programme to support all NHS Boards to improve their local neurological health services and achieve the Clinical Standards. This programme ended in March 2012.

All NHS Boards appointed a Health Improvement Lead responsible for leading on implementation in their local area. Boards completed a self evaluation in order to identify the criteria which they are already meeting, identify the challenges and determine the highest priority standard criteria that each board will focus their efforts upon. 16 standards were prioritised nationally and all Boards developed work to improve their services in order to achieve these standards. At the end of the improvement programme a series of peer reviews were held to examine the performance of each NHS Board in meeting the prioritised standards. The final report which summarises the peer reviews is available here. Each NHS Board has now developed a local improvement plan based upon the self evaluation and peer reviews along with consideration to priorities identified by patients and carers using neurological health services.

The Alliance has had a key role in both the development and implementation of the standards and ensures that all member organisations are regularly updated on the progress being made. It is critical that the work done so far is continued and that NHS Boards remain focused on improving their neurological services now that the implementation and improvement support programme has ended. The Alliance has been pivotal in establishing the National Neurological Advisory Group (NNAG) which will oversee the programme of work to continue improving services for people with neurological conditions across Scotland. To read more about the NNAG click here.

The Alliance continues to ensure meaningful involvement of people affected by neurological conditions in the review of neurological health services and improvement required to achieve the standards via the Neurological Voices programme which was launched in April 2011 and which has worked with a number of Boards to date to ensure the patient voice is heard. To read more about the Neurological Voices project click here.