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What we do

We are a focused and purposeful forum of not-for-profit organisations and groups representing those affected by neurological conditions.

Our members campaign together to speak with an influential voice.

What we do

There are an estimated one million people in Scotland living with a neurological condition that has a significant impact on their lives. The most common physically disabling condition affecting young people, multiple sclerosis (MS), has a particularly high prevalence in Scotland compared with the rest of the UK.

Neurological conditions account for a high proportion of disability, particularly severe and progressive disability, in the population.

Neurological conditions affect all ages, and people may experience the onset of a neurological condition at any time in their lives. There is increased prevalence of neurological conditions in older people as some conditions particularly affect older people, and others are life-long conditions. It is reported that the numbers of people with neurological conditions will grow sharply in the next two decades (Neurological Alliance, 2003).

The Neurological Alliance of Scotland was launched in 2004 to ensure that neurological services are given priority at all levels of health and social care planning. Organisations representing neurological conditions or relevant issues, for example support for carers, are welcome to join the Alliance.

Our vision is that people living with neurological conditions will have access to the best care possible, have control over their lives and be able to live free from ignorance and injustice.