Neurological Alliance of Scotland

Purpose of the forum

Sharing experiences as Neurological Voices

The forum connects Neurological Voices across Scotland so members can find out about other Neurological Voices groups:

  • how they are set up and how they are running
  • what they are addressing
  • challenges and solutions.

We hope this will inspire and strengthen activity in local health board areas.

Raising issues in treatment and care

The forum, like the programme, is primarily for addressing common issues in treatment and care for everyone affected by neurological conditions, however, condition specific issues can also be raised. Once you are a member you can browse existing topics/issues and contribute to, or start, a discussion.

Sharing and gathering issues - national perspective

Neurological Voices are represented on the National Neurology Advisory Group and its subgroups. Neurological Voices representatives on these groups will share information and request feedback on the forum.

The Neurological Voices Training and Support Co-ordinator and the Alliance National Co-ordinator (Moderators) will raise issues on behalf of the Neurological Alliance of Scotland, its member organisations and other agencies, to gather feedback from forum members.

Who can access the forum?

The Neurological Voices Forum is exclusively for people who have trained as Neurological Voices. It is not for NHS professionals or voluntary sector organisations. It is moderated by the Training and Support Co-ordinator of the Neurological Voices Project and the National Co-ordinator of the Alliance.

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