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Talking Heads

We recently worked with some of our members to interview a number of people affected by a neurological condition.

The film "Talking Heads" gives an insight into some of the shared experiences of people affected by a range of neurological conditions and highlights key issues and common concerns. Topics discussed include diagnosis, information, self management and specialist support.

There are two versions available. You can watch the 10-minute version, which was first screened at our parliamentary event in March 2010, below.

You may prefer to watch the longer, 30-minute version of the film. If you are interested in a specific area of discussion, you can watch a particular chapter of the film there.

We have had some excellent feedback on the film, which may be of use to you in training, prompting discussion on areas of concern for people affected by neurological conditions. If you would like a DVD copy of the film please contact us.