Our research and reports

1. NAoS Carer's Centre Mapping Project (2023) presents the findings of how our member charities work in with Carer's Centres across Scotland and which Carer's centres have information regarding neurological conditions and refer individuals and families towards individual charities.

As a result of our report, we are working to implement some short, medium and long term goals in order to strengthen relationships between charities and carer's centres across Scotland.


2. A Review of Virtual Consultations in Scotland (2021) revealed that only 41% of patients with brain and spine conditions have been able to access face-to-face healthcare since the start of the pandemic. Most people have had to make do with telephone appointments and only 32% were offered a video appointment.

As a result of the findings of our survey, we are calling for three changes:

  • i. People should be able to receive the appointment type that is appropriate for their needs at the time
  • ii. Nobody should receive a life changing diagnosis over the phone
  • iii. Further investment needs to be made into NearMe/Attend Anywhere Video Technology including staff training so that technical faults are minimised and more people can benefit from productive appointments where appropriate.

3. NAoS Mapping Study and Membership Review (2021) revealed that many people are unaware of services offering self management support to those with a neurological condition, and that awareness of digital innovation is very low.

4. Neurological Voices: Living through lockdown (2020) presents hard-hitting data and personal reflections from across the neurological community in Scotland, and calls for action on common issues.