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The forum is exclusively for those who have attended Neurological Voices training and are currently active, or seeking to be active, locally.

Forum Terms and Conditions

Members are not permitted to:

  • use offensive language
  • post pornographic material or links to such material
  • verbally abuse members or other named individuals
  • advertise products or services
  • post copyrighted material.

Please do not disclose sensitive personal information in your messages – be conscious of security and confidentiality, your own and others.

While these rules cover most situations, they cannot anticipate everything. We reserve the right to take any actions necessary to ensure that the Neurological Voices Forum remains a safe online environment for its members.

If you come across an inappropriate post, please report it, and we will contact the user. Serious or continued breach of the rules will result in the user being permanently removed.


This forum is moderated by the Neurological Voices Training and Support Co-ordinator and the National Co-ordinator at the Neurological Alliance of Scotland.

We reserve the right to delete:

  • messages containing strong language
  • defamatory or abusive comments
  • commercial or advertising content
  • content found to be unsuitable or inappropriate.

Posting such messages could lead to you being immediately and permanently removed from the discussion group

Although the content is moderated, The Neurological Alliance of Scotland is not responsible for content accuracy, completeness or reliability.

Any opinions, statements or third party content represents the views of the author(s), not the Neurological Alliance of Scotland.

The Neurological Alliance of Scotland reserves the right to collate and share selected information, as a newsletter, for the benefit of Neurological Voices who do not have ready access to the internet.


Once you have indicated your agreement to the terms and conditons, you can create your account which will become active, subject to approval of your status by a moderator.

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